Examining Patient Preferences for Integrative Chinese-Western Colorectal Cancer Care in Hong Kong
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摘要Cancer patients seek help from both Western medicine (WM) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This study explored what patients with colorectal cancer (CRC) in Hong Kong (HK) expect from TCM to WM. Twenty purposively sampled CRC patients were interviewed and audio-taped. Interviews were transcribed verbatim in Cantonese. Data were analyzed using the Interpretative phenomenological analysis. Results showed that CRC patients’ goal expectation on WM was not specific. In contrast, the 16 patients who had used TCM had specific goals that stemmed from their desire or requests for treatment continuation. These expectation differences affected their motivation of compliance to the treatment schedule. The motivation for WM patients came from their faith in biomedicine and family, and the desire to live. The motivation for TCM patients’ compliance came from their belief in TCM and its effectiveness and provision of mental support. Although TCM was not the main treatment cancer patient received in HK, their expectations from it were high. Thus, TCM may be more than palliative in cancer treatment. Perceived WM status may hinder TCM development. More resources to ensure safe and effective interdisciplinary collaboration for the development of TCM cancer treatment can assist patients along the pathway of patients of CRC for effective communication.
著者Wong W, Loong HF, Lee KY, Wong HN, Sum CH, Ching YL, Wu CY, Lin ZX
編輯Bernadette Watson, Janice Krieger
書名Expanding Horizons in Health Communication: An Asian Perspective
系列標題The Humanities in Asia
頁次85 - 105

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