“Mieko” for flute and electronics (CD recording)
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摘要Mieko is inspired by Fumiko Enchi’s novel Masks, which recounts the story of Mieko Togano, a scholar on ancient Japanese rituals. The novel and the main character are constructed in reference to three representative women masks of traditional Japanese Noh theatre. “Mie” in Mieko has three meanings: “able to see”, “three layers”, and a classic posture in kabuki theatre. A jealous, lonely and vengeful woman resembling the Rokujō Lady in the Japanese classic Tale of Genji, Mieko impersonates a spirit of vengeance, a woman of madness, and her grieving true self – the three masks of the three-layered lady.

Based on the three masks “Ryo no onna”, “Masugami”, and “Fukai”, the design of the piece borrows from that of the novel and the protagonists. The three different layers of personality imbued into Mieko are translated to three groups of musical characters played by the solo flute with changing groups of timbres, techniques, and registers. A palette of aggressiveness, mystery, and fickleness forms the basis of the piece, with suggestions of traditional theatre.
著者CHAN Kai Young
出版作品名稱Heard in Havana. Recorded by Sooyun Kim.
出版社Innova Records
出版地Saint Paul, MN

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