Tuning terminal aromatics of electron acceptors to achieve high-efficiency organic solar cells
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AbstractHerein, two new electron acceptors, BTTPC and BTTPC-Br, are developed through extending the conjugation of terminal electron accepting moieties with thiophene and bromine units. Such a structural design effectively improves the hole transfer of exciton dynamics in blends, revealing that BTTPC-Br and BTTPC based blends, in the presence of a smaller energetic offset as a driving force, exhibit faster hole transfer from acceptors to the polymeric donor interface, 4 times (BTTPC-Br) and 1.5 times (BTTPC) faster than 0.44 picoseconds of unmodified Y5. As a result, organic solar cells (OSCs) based on the BTTPC-Br acceptor, outperforming those of BTTPC:PBDB-T and Y5:PBDB-T, reach a power conversion efficiency of 15.22%, which is so far one of the highest among the single junction OSCs made with PBDB-T polymer donor.
All Author(s) ListQin R, Wang D, Zhou GQ, Yu ZP, Li SX, Li YH, Liu ZX, Zhu HM, Shi MM, Lu XH, Li CZ, Chen HZ
Journal nameJournal of Materials Chemistry A
Volume Number7
Issue Number48
Pages27632 - 27639
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Web of Science Subject CategoriesChemistry, Physical;Energy & Fuels;Materials Science, Multidisciplinary;Chemistry;Energy & Fuels;Materials Science

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