COVID-19 and older people in Asia: Asian Working Group for Sarcopenia calls to actions
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Scopus ( 03/12/2020)

摘要The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has casted a huge impact on global public health and the economy. In this challenging situation, older people are vulnerable to the infection and the secondary effects of the pandemic and need special attention. To evaluate the impacts of COVID-19 on older people, it is important to balance the successful pandemic control and active management of secondary consequences. These considerations are particularly salient in the Asian context, with its diversity among countries in terms of sociocultural heritage, healthcare setup and availability of resources. Thus, the Asian Working Group for Sarcopenia summarized the considerations of Asian countries focusing on responses and difficulties in each country, impacts of health inequity related to the COVID-19 pandemic and proposed recommendations for older people, which are germane to the Asian context. More innovative services should be developed to address the increasing demands for new approaches to deliver healthcare in these difficult times and to establish resilient healthcare systems for older people.
著者Lim WS, Liang CK, Assantachai P, Auyeung TW, Kang L, Lee WJ, Lim JY, Sugimoto K, Akishita M, Chia SL, Chou MY, Ding YY, Iijima K, Jang HC, Kawashima S, Kim M, Kojima T, Kuzuya M, Lee J, Lee SY, Lee Y, Peng LN, Wang NNY, Wang YW, Won CW, Woo J, Chen LK, Arai H
期刊名稱Geriatrics and Gerontology International
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關鍵詞COVID-19, healthcare system, infection control, pandemic
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