Short-term reproducibility of ambulatory blood pressure measurements: a systematic review and meta-analysis of 35 observational studies
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A systematic review on the reproducibility of ambulatory blood pressure measurements (ABPM) has not yet been conducted. This meta-analysis compared 24-h/ daytime/night-time SBP and DBP mean values and SBP/DBP
nocturnal dipping status from ABPMs in participants with or without hypertension.

Ovid MEDLINE, EMBASE, and CINAHL Complete databases were searched for articles published before 3 May
2019. Eligible studies reporting a 24-h ABPM repeated at least once within 1 month were included. The mean
daytime/night-time/24-h BP values, percentage of nocturnal dipping, and proportion of nondippers were compared
between the first and second day of measurements, and the proportion of participants with inconsistent dipping status
were estimated using a random effect model.

Population-based analysis found a 0–1.1 mmHg difference between the first and second ABPM for 24-h/
daytime/night-time SBP and DBP and 0–0.5% for percentage of SBP/DBP nocturnal dipping. The proportion of
non-dippers was not different between the first and second ABPM. Intra-individual analysis found that the 95% limit of
agreements (LOA) for SBP/DBP were wide and the 95% LOA for daytime SBP, common reference to diagnose
hypertension, ranged 16.7 to 18.4 mmHg. Similarly, 32% of participants had inconsistent nocturnal dipping status.

ABPM had excellent reproducibility at the population level, favouring its application for research purposes; but reproducibility of intra-individual BP values and dipping status from a 24-h ABPM was limited. The available evidence was limited by the lack of high-quality studies and lack of studies in non-Western populations.
著者Bo YC, Kwok KO, Chung VCH, Yu CP, Tsoi KKF, Wong SYS, Lee EKP
期刊名稱Journal of Hypertension
出版社Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins
頁次2095 - 2109
關鍵詞ambulatory blood pressure measurement, blood pressure, dipping, meta-analysis, reproducibility

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