LC-MS for determination of biomarker of pyrrolizidine alkaloids induced liver injury and analysis of PAs in natural product
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摘要Introduction: Pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) are phytotoxins. PA poisoning is the consequence of inadvertent consumption of PA-producing plant-derived natural products or PA-contaminated foodstuffs. PAs induce liver injury (PA-ILI) via metabolic activation to form reactive metabolites, which bind with cellular proteins to generate pyrrole-protein adducts (PPA), leading to hepatotoxicity.
Methods: A specific LC-MS/MS method with pre-column derivatization has been developed to determine PPA, a novel mechanism-based biomarker for diagnosis of PA exposure. In addition, given there are ~660 different PAs, standards for these PAs are not all available, a novel, rapid and specific LC-MS method to determine PAs in natural products without requiring all corresponding standards has been developed.
Results: Using the developed LC-MS/MS method to test a novel biomarker PPA, PA-ILI patients were definitively diagnosed for the first time, and among 150 drug-induced liver injury patients with unknown aetiology in China ~39% were found as PA-ILI, indicating a high risk of PA exposure. Collaboration with US CDC, we identify ~1,200 PA-ILI patients in Ethiopia due to consumption of PA-contaminated foods. Moreover, the developed LC-MS method has been successfully applied for the analysis of PAs in natural products, including herbs, honey and Chinese medicines.
著者LIN Ge
會議名稱8th Asia-Oceania Mass Spectrometry Conference (AOMSC 2020)

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