Impact of metformin on immunological markers: Implication in its anti-tumor mechanism
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摘要Metformin, an anti-hyperglycemic drug, has been known to have antitumor properties for around 15 years. Although there are a number of reports attributing the antitumor function ofmetformin to its impact on energy homeostasis and oxygen re-distribution in tumor microenvironment, detailed mechanisms remain largely unknown. In the past several years, there is an increasing number of publications indicating that metformin can affect various immunological components including lymphocytes, macrophages, cytokines and several key immunological molecules in both human and animal studies. These interesting results appear to be in line with emerging data that suggest associations between immune responses and energy homeostasis/oxygen redistribution, which may explain effective impacts of metformin on immunotherapies against autoimmune diseases as well as cancers. This review article is to analyse and discuss recent development in the above areas with aim to justify metformin as a new adjuvant for immunotherapy against human cancers. We hope that our summary will help to optimize the application of metformin for various types of human cancers.
著者George G Chen, Peter YM Woo, Stephanie CP Ng, George KC Wong, Danny TM Chan, CA van Hasselt, Michael CF Tong, WS Poon
期刊名稱Pharmacology and Therapeutics
關鍵詞Metformin, Cancers, Immune system, Immunotherapy

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