Indirect effect of parental depression on school victimization through adolescent depression
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While a link between parental depression and adolescent school victimization is frequently hypothesized, studies on this association have shown mixed results. In addition, adolescent depression has been considered a potential psychosocial mechanism underlying the link between parental depression and adolescent school victimization. However, studies to support this proposition are lacking. This paper examines the direct effect of parental depression on adolescent victimization by peers and teachers in school as well as indirect effect through adolescent depression in an Asian context (Taiwan) and further examines differences in the interrelationships of parental depression, adolescent depression, and school victimization by peers and teachers across gender and school age groups.

Data were obtained from a random sample of 2,419 students (grades 7–12) and their parents in one of the largest metropolitan areas in Taiwan.

Parental depression did not have a significant direct association with either type of school victimization. However, parental depression showed a significant indirect association with both types of school victimization through adolescent depression. These findings applied to both males and females and both junior and senior high school students.

The study utilized cross-sectional data, and the findings cannot be used to build causal relationships.

Our findings provide empirical support that parental depression has indirect associations with school victimization by peers and teachers through adolescent depression. The results support the importance of including family-based approaches for depression targeting parents and adolescents in future victim intervention/prevention school programs.
All Author(s) ListChen J.K., Wu C., Chang C.W., Wei H.S.
Journal nameJournal of Affective Disorders
Volume Number263
Pages396 - 404
LanguagesEnglish-United States

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