Symptoms of intermittent claudication and decreased walking tolerance in patients suffering from peripheral arterial disease can be improved with a simple herbal supplement
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摘要Introduction: We have developed an innovative herbal formula containing two herbs of popular use for the supplementation of cardiovascular health. Three clinical trials, viz. on patients with coronary arterial obstruction, hypertension, and post-menopausal borderline hyperlipidaemia, have been done, all showing promising results detected in ultrasonography as diminished intima media thickness (IMT), a surrogate marker recommended for clinical trials related to cardiovascular health. 49+49 patients with known peripheral arterial disease (PAD) were treated with twin formula or placebo group for 24 weeks. Assessment using ultrasonography showed thinning down of the carotid intima (2.67%) only in the treatment group. Maximal walking distance also increased by 21.8% in the treatment group compared with 7.2% in the placebo group (p=0.499).

Discussion: The positive results in the PAD study as well as in the other studies done previously demonstrated the effectiveness of the twin formula in the maintenance of cardiovascular health. It is safe and offers direct protection of the internal environment of the artery while at the same time carries the multiple roles of anti-inflammation, anti-oxygenation and anti-fibrosis, as were shown in in vitro and animal bioactivity studies.

Conclusion and Outlook: The twin formula offers a good example of evidence-based medicinal supplements with specific functions. Its developmental process also offers a more comprehensive way to test traditional wisdom and practice through pragmatic clinical trials in the attempt to properly introduce it to modern health care practice.
著者Yan PYB, Woo KS, Kwok CYT, Chook P, Leung PC
期刊名稱Journal of Integrative Cardiology Open Access
出版社Science Repository
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