Optimising the learning process with immersive virtual reality and non-immersive virtual reality in an educational environment
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摘要Teachers in higher education have a growing interest in embedding virtual reality in learning and teaching. This means that students can have a virtual exploration or a simulated experience in a range of situations. They can have an immersive virtual reality (IVR) experience using their smartphones mounted with cardboard boxes. Alternatively, tablets and notebook computers can also provide a non-immersive virtual reality (nIVR) experience. Given that bandwidth can be limited in many teaching environments, educators can arrange the options for both IVR and nIVR to maximise the possibility of learning engagement. This paper reports on student experiences of two undergraduate courses, 'Pharmacology and Therapeutics' and 'Understanding Ecotourism', in which educators deployed this innovative pedagogy. Survey and focus group interviews with students were conducted after the VR classes. These showed that students appreciated the VR experience, which broadened their awareness and knowledge.
著者Lee VWY, Hodgson P, Chan CS, Fong A, Cheung SWL
期刊名稱International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organisation
頁次21 - 35

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