High-dimensional communication on etchless lithium niobate platform with photonic bound states in the continuum
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AbstractPhotonic bound states in the continuum (BICs) have been exploited in various systems and found numerous applications. Here, we investigate high-order BICs and apply BICs on an integrated photonic platform to high-dimensional optical communication. A four-channel TM mode (de)multiplexer using different orders of BICs on an etchless lithium niobate (LiNbO3) platform where waveguides are constructed by a low-refractive-index material on a high-refractive-index substrate is demonstrated. Low propagation loss of the TM modes in different orders and phase-matching conditions for efficient excitation of the high-order TM modes are simultaneously achieved. A chip consisting of four-channel mode (de)multiplexers was fabricated and measured with data transmission at 40Gbps/channel. All the channels have insertion loss <4.0dB and crosstalk <-9.5dB in a 70-nm wavelength band. Therefore, the demonstrated mode (de)multiplexing and high-dimensional communication on LiNbO3 platform can meet the increasing demand for high capacity in on-chip optical communication. Here, the authors investigate high-order bound states in the continuum and apply them on an integrated photonic platform for high-dimensional optical communication. The demonstrated mode (de)multiplexing and high-dimensional communication can enhance the data capacity with low insertion loss and crosstalk.
Acceptance Date04/03/2020
All Author(s) ListYu ZJ, Tong YY, Tsang HK, Sun XK
Journal nameNature Communications
Volume Number11
Issue Number1
Article number2602
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsOptical Interconnects, Mode Division Multiplexing
Web of Science Subject CategoriesMultidisciplinary Sciences;Science & Technology - Other Topics

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