Effects of An Intensive Home-based Discharge Support Program Aiming at Minimizing Readmission on Older Patients and Caregivers
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To minimize the need for hospital re-admission for older patients has been a priority in aging societies. In 2006, a risk prediction instrument named Hospital Admission Risk Reduction Program for the Elderly (HARRPE) [1] was developed by the hospital-care system in Hong Kong. Older patients score > 0.2, and present greater social care needs than medical issues will be followed up by community NGO partners through an 8-week, home-based, Intensive Discharge Support Program (IDSP) [2]. This study was to evaluate the impacts and supportive mechanism of IDSP to both discharged patients and caregivers.


Structured interviews were employed to evaluate changes in outcome variables pre-and-post IDSP intervention for both the discharged patients and their primary caregivers. In addition, 2 focus groups involving 9 caregivers were organized using qualitative method to explore the effectiveness and the adequacy of different service components, including caregiver support, embedded in the discharge program.


48 patient-caregiver dyads were recruited. Of those, 35 pairs successfully completed both pre-and-post IDSP interviews. 68.6% of the discharged elders had no hospital readmission during the 8-week in IDSP. While the patient group showed statistically significant improvement in a number of outcome attributes including ADL and IADL (p<.001), the caregiver group had only one outcome variable – the environment domain of WHOQOL demonstrating statistically significant improvement (p≤0.01). Focus group discussions also highlighted the importance of using a family-based approach to discharge support delivery.


Discharge support programs which emphasize continuing hospital collaboration appear beneficial to older patients' recovery and readmission reduction.
著者Kar Choi CHAN, Ching-wen CHANG
期刊名稱European Geriatric Medicine
期次Suppl 1
頁次101 - 101
關鍵詞Intensive Discharge Support Program, Older patients, Reducing Re-admission, Caregivers

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