Convergence analysis of the Gauss-Newton method for convex inclusion problems and convex composite optimization
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摘要Using the convex process theory we study the convergence issues of the iterative sequences generated by the Gauss-Newton method for the convex inclusion problem defined by a cone C and a Fréchet differentiable function F (the derivative is denoted by F’ ). The restriction in our consideration is minimal and, even in the classical case (the initial point x_0 is assumed to satisfy the following two conditions: F’ is Lipschitz around x_0 and the convex process T_{x_0} , defined by T_{x_0} = F’ (x_0) ● −C, is surjective), our results are new in giving sufficient conditions (which are weaker than the known ones) ensuring the convergence of the iterative sequence with initial point x_0. When F is analytic, we study point estimate conditions similar to Smale's conditions for nonlinear analytic equations. The same study is also made for the so-called convex-composite optimization problem (with objective function given as the composite of a convex function with a Fréchet differentiable map).
著者Chong Li, Kung Fu Ng
期刊名稱Pure and Applied Functional Analysis
出版社Yokohama Publishers
頁次591 - 619
關鍵詞The Gauss-Newton method, convex process, convex composite optimization, the weak-Robinson condition, the weak-Smale condition, majorizing function, convergence criterion

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