Dietary and Physical Activity Adherence and Their Relationship with Weight Loss in a Community-Based Lifestyle Modification Program in Hong Kong
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摘要Existing evidence on lifestyle modification program (LMP) is limited by high attrition rate, high weight rebound rate. Previous research have limited practical implications for program improvement as they mainly focused on weight loss outcomes. Meanwhile, very few studies operationalized dietary and Physical Activity (PA) adherence, which are the immediate outcomes of LMP. Therefore, this study aims to report the development of dietary and PA adherence indicators and examine their association with weight loss among adult participants of a culturally adapted, community-based LMP in Hong Kong. Participants (n=205) were Chinese overweight and obese adult participants of a LMP in Hong Kong. Data were collected at baseline, one-month and 10-month after participation in the program. Dietary data was collected using a 4-day food record and PA data was collected using PA diaries and the 7-item International Physical Activity Questionnaire-Short Form (IPAQ-SF). Body weight was measured by Seca 220. We developed scoring systems based on the feature of the dietary and PA components in the program with the dietary and PA data collected. The mean dietary adherence score at one-month was 22.19±5.86. At 10-month follow up, the mean adherence score dropped significantly to 18.83±6.05 (p<0.001). The mean PA adherence score at one-month was 3.51±2.08 and there was no significant change at 10-month (3.65±2.13). Both dietary and PA adherence scores (p<0.05) significantly correlated with weight loss at one-month and 10-month. The proposed scoring system seemed to be a useful tool for measuring adherence, which has potential to inform program improvement.
著者Leung AWY, Chan RSM, Sea MMM, Woo J
會議名稱The 14th China Nutrition Science Congress and the 11th Asia Pacific Conference on Clinical Nutrition
會議地點Nanjing, China

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