Will Kabaddi Become the Next Major World Sport? Reflections on the Governance of National and International Federations in Kabaddi
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摘要Kabaddi is a traditional game popular in South Asia. A sports company in 2014 turned this sport into a spectacular sport and gained huge success. With commercial sponsorship and high viewership, this Asian sport should have a great potential to become the next major world sport. However, controversies have also come along with its rising popularity. For instance, the backbone of kabaddi organizations, Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India, has been investigated by the High Court of Delhi for corruption in the past two years, and the investigation is still ongoing.
Kabaddi has been an official event in the Asian Games since 1990. The number of participating teams has remained small throughout the years. This paper focuses on the process of two national federations from the same country applying for its affiliation with the international federation (IF) of kabaddi, which reveals how the lack of transparency and democracy of IF has been disrupting the further development of this sport, despite all its commercial success.
著者TANG Wai Man
會議名稱International Conference of Sports History and Culture: The Olympics and the Asian Century
會議地點Zhejiang Normal University, Jinhua
關鍵詞International federation, national federation, Asian Games, monopolistic powers, kabaddi, India

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