An Integration of Immersive Virtual Reality Technology in Teaching the Laboratory Skill for the Usage of Gamma Irradiator
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AbstractThe core knowledge of course content of Techniques of Biomedical Research in the Biomedical Sciences Programme, students are required to learn the principal of radiation sources that are related to the radioactive chemicals; also need to know how to handle and use them in a proper way under the government ordinance, which are still adopted in the protocols of biomedical research and healthcare occupational settings. Concerning the laboratory safety, training the skills in handling of the radioactive chemicals causes difficulty as they are hazardous and harmful to health causing the potential problem with high-risks and impacts. The students may be threatened with fatal if the handling procedures are improper during the practical training. Nonetheless, the concept of “experiential learning” has become hostable to the undergraduates who must be well-trained for good laboratory practice and etiquettes.

The primary objective of the proposed project is to build up innovative courseware using immersive VR technology for handling chemicals that are harmful to health, entitled in as VR-Handling Radioactive material (VHand). We also aim to investigate whether virtual reality (VR) technology is helpful in stimulating students with limited laboratory experience in managing radioactive chemicals, preventing unpredictable accidental issues, and supporting active and constructive educational sector.

The outcome of the VHand is three-fold: (1) the innovative teaching courseware enhance study motivation via e-learning medium and equip their necessities in the future career path; (2) stimulation higher-order critical thinking by discussing clinical scenario case studies among students; (3) reinforce cognitive and foundational knowledge and clinical skills through online quizzes and case scenarios studies exercise. If the feedback is positive, our project team will further dissimulate the courseware to other tertiary institution for the practical training for the usage of the radioactive related instruments.
Acceptance Date02/11/2018
All Author(s) ListFlorence M.K. Tang, Ellis K.L. Fok, Ray M.F. Lee, Po H.M. Yeung, Taylor L.H. Tang, Olivia M.Y. Ngan
Name of ConferenceCUHK Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2018
Start Date of Conference07/12/2018
End Date of Conference07/12/2018
Place of ConferenceThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Country/Region of ConferenceHong Kong
Proceedings TitleTeaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2018
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsMedical Education, Anatomy Teaching, Virtual Reality

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