A combination of non-pharmacological interventions for enhancing cognitive functions in prodromal Alzheimer's disease: a randomized clinical trial
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摘要Background: Recent advances are identifying transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) over left temporal cortex and working memory training (WMT) as two promising treatments for mild cognitive decline, but which is more likely benefit from the combined modality intervention is still unclear.
Methods: We conducted a 12-week, double-blind, sham-controlled randomized trial involving the seniors with mild neurocognitive disorder duo to Alzheimer’s disease (NCD-AD). NCD-AD patients (N=201) were randomly assigned to receive a 4-week intervention of either a combination of tDCS and WMT, sham tDCS and WMT, or tDCS and control cognitive training. The primary outcome was the change from baseline to week 4 in the score on Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale Cognitive subscale (ADAS-Cog) and memory tests. The duration of follow-up was 3 months.
Results: The demographics in terms of age, sex and years of education were comparable across three randomized groups. In the intention-to-treat analysis, cognitive enhancement was found across three groups after 4 weeks intervention. Cognitive enhancement measured by ADAS-Cog and delayed recall was found across three groups after intervention. As to between-group difference, combined tDCS-WMT group showed significantly superior improvement compared with single-modality groups in delayed recall performance (p=0.043, h2 =0.036). Adverse events, including skin lesions (2.2%), were similar between groups.
Conclusions: Single modality, either tDCS or WMT, is a safe, feasible and effective treatment for older adults with prodromal AD. Combined modality shows greater domain-specific cognitive enhancements with higher transferability and sustainability, which highlight the potential synergistic effect between modalities and should be further studied.
著者Hanna Lu, Sandra Sau Man Chan, Waichi Chan, Calvin Pak Wing Cheng, Linda Chiu Wa Lam
會議名稱Alzheimer's Association International Conference 2019
會議地點Los Angeles
會議論文集題名Alzheimer's & Dementia
期次Suppl 7
頁次P257 - P257
關鍵詞Alzheimer's disease, intervention, clinical trial, working memory, brain stimulation

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