Eye Tracking to Evaluate the Usability of an Online Pneumoconiosis Education Booklet in a Sample of South Asian Construction Workers
Publication in refereed journal


摘要Pneumoconiosis is an incurable disease. An online educational booklet for South Asian construction workers has been developed to provide them with knowledge of the disease and its preventive measures. As eye tracking has long been applied to assess users' preferences with regard to the content of commercial products, this approach would likely offer a promising opportunity for an objective assessment of the usability of the developed booklet. This was a mixed-methods study that combined eye tracking and interviews to explore the usability of the educational booklet among South Asian construction workers. Twelve construction workers were invited to read the booklet individually on a laptop computer. An eye-tracking device was placed under the computer screen to collect eye tracking data of the participants to measure their attention to the contents of the booklet. Afterward, the participants were invited to attend a semistructured interview to explore their acceptance of and satisfaction with the booklet. Results showed that participants gazed more often and for a longer duration at the working environment that increases pneumoconiosis risk and the preventive measures for pneumoconiosis, and they paid more attention to the pictures. The workers reported that the booklet was useful and informative, and they were satisfied with its design and layout.
著者Wong C. L., Rana T., Leung Y. M.
期刊名稱Computers, Informatics, Nursing

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