Helping Families of Adults with High Functioning Autism Through Structural Family Therapy in Hong Kong
Invited conference paper presented and published in conference proceedings



摘要Clinical utility of structural family therapy (SFT) in helping adults with high functioning autism (HFA) has been insufficiently documented in Hong Kong and elsewhere since the mainstream helping approaches comprise of social skills training (SST) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). HFA is a neurodevelopment disorder that affects individuals and families throughout the lifespan. Compared with the SST and CBT, family therapy is more suitable in helping adults with HFA and their families to improve their family relationships and effect changes at the dyadic subsystems of the family (e.g., the spouse system, the parent-child relationship). This presentation aims to report on the use of one of the family therapy approaches, SFT, in helping families of adults with HFA in Hong Kong, illustrating with the healing journey of two families. Both families were referred by the social worker of a community rehabilitation agency to the university family therapy center for family treatment. The first family was having a depressed father who had been emotionally cut-off from his wife and the two school-age children since his bankruptcy. In the second family the adult daughter with HFA suffered from depression with suicidal ideas. Family assessment and treatment were made in the light of SFT. Treatment outcomes of the two families were described. Treatment principles and strategies of SFT in helping these families in general and in particular the cultural adaptation of this approach will be discussed at the end of the presentation.
著者Ma Lai Chong
會議名稱International Special Education Exhibition 2019
會議地點Kuala Lumpur

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