Specific depletion of the motor protein KIF5B leads to deficits in dendritic transport, synaptic plasticity and memory
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摘要The kinesin I family of motor proteins are crucial for axonal transport, but their roles in dendritic transport and postsynaptic function are not well-defined. Gene duplication and subsequent diversification give rise to three homologous kinesin I proteins (KIF5A, KIF5B and KIF5C) in vertebrates, but it is not clear whether and how they exhibit functional specificity. Here we show that knockdown of KIF5A or KIF5B differentially affects excitatory synapses and dendritic transport in hippocampal neurons. The functional specificities of the two kinesins are determined by their diverse carboxyl-termini, where arginine methylation occurs in KIF5B and regulates its function. KIF5B conditional knockout mice exhibit deficits in dendritic spine morphogenesis, synaptic plasticity and memory formation. Our findings provide insights into how expansion of the kinesin I family during evolution leads to diversification and specialization of motor proteins in regulating postsynaptic function.
著者Junjun ZHAO, Albert Hiu Ka FOK, Ruolin FAN, Pui-Yi KWAN, Hei-Lok CHAN, Louisa Hoi-Ying LO, Ying-Shing CHAN, Wing-Ho YUNG, Jiandong HUANG, Cora Sau Wan LAI, Kwok-On LAI
出版社eLife Sciences Publications

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