The Comparative Genomics Analysis of House Dust Mites
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摘要Background: House dust mites are the main cause of allergens causing human allergic diseases, especially respiratory diseases like asthma and allergic rhinitis. The most common species of house dust mites include Dermatophagoides farinae, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and Blomia (B.) tropicalis. Although house dust mites severely threaten public health, the associated biological background has not been well researched. The highly developed sequencing technology and comparative genomics techniques may therefore advance our knowledge to house dust mites.

Materials and Methods: A high-quality genome of B. tropicalis was assembled and well annotated. The genomes of other 20 species of ticks and mites and the mitochondrial genomes of other 39 species were downloaded from NCBI databases. MEGA7 was used for phylogenetic analysis, Orthofinder2 was utilized for gene family analysis and DAVID was employed for gene enrichment analysis.

Results: Overlapped BUSCO genes of 21 species of ticks and mites were aligned and constructed into a phylogenetic tree. As a species of house dust mites, B. tropicalis has a significant evolutionary distance from other house dust mites. In the comparative genomics analysis, proteolysis is the mostly enriched biological process term of B. tropicalis-specific orthogroups, which is resulted from the significant expansion of the chymotrypsin/trypsin protein family in the B. tropicalis genome through gene duplication. Also, a phylogenetic tree was constructed based on whole mitochondrial genomes of 40 species of ticks and mites.

Conclusions: The comparative genomics analysis paved a way to the comprehensive study to house dust mite and identified the gene family expansion of chymotrypsin/trypsin in the B. tropicalis genome. This finding is also consistent with the preferred high-protein diet of B. tropicalis.
著者Qing XIONG, Angel Tsz Yau WAN, Malainual NAT, Stephen Kwok Wing TSUI
會議名稱Plant & Animal Genomes (PAG) XXVIII Conference
會議地點San Diego, CA

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