The effect of physical activity on dose-relationship between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D and cardiovascular health events in older adults
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摘要Background and aims:
Reverse J- or U-shaped associations between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25[OH]D) concentrations and cardiovascular outcomes have been reported, which need clarifications in older adults. Physical activity, correlating with both serum 25[OH] D concentration and cardiovascular health, may have an effect on the dose-relationships.

Methods and Results:
At baseline, 2790 participants aged 65 years and over, free of vitamin D supplementation use, had assays for serum 25[OH]D concentrations and health related characteristics and measurements, were followed up for cardiovascular events and death by up to 7 and 15 years, respectively. The dose-response associations of serum 25[OH]D concentrations with cardiovascular events and mortality risk were examined using Cox regression models. After adjusting for physical activity and other covariates, serum 25[OH]D concentration was non-linearly associated with cardiovascular mortality risk (U-shaped, P Z 0.009). According to the Institute of Medicine categories, the HR(95% CI) of cardiovascular mortality risk separately in deficient (<25 nmol/L), inadequate (25 to < 50 nmol/L) and potentially harmful (125 nmol/L) level was 1.67 (0.23, 12.01), 1.66 (1.25, 2.20) and 2.21 (0.30, 16.37), respectively.
The risk of 25[OH]D inadequacy for cardiovascular mortality was significantly attenuated by increased physical activity, especially leisure activity (P for trend Z 0.008 and 0.021, respectively). No significant finding was observed for incident cardiovascular events.

Both lower and higher serum 25[OH]D concentrations were associated with risk of cardiovascular mortality in Chinese community-dwelling older adults. Physical activity may attenuate the cardiovascular mortality risk of vitamin D inadequacy, but its role in individuals with higher 25[OH]D concentrations remains unclear.
著者Su Y, Leung J, Lee J, Ho KF, Kwok T
期刊名稱Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases
頁次656 - 665
關鍵詞Serum vitamin D, Cardiovascular health, Physical activity, Aging

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