Influence onto the Immatures: Melamine from Mothers to Babies
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AbstractIn the last 2 decades, melamine contamination of animal feed and infant formulae has raised a global concern on food safety. Since then researches on the compound manufactured for the past 50 years have been re-activated. Most of the studies mainly focused on renal toxicity. Timely clinical reatments to the affected babies of the scandal have been convincingly beneficial. However, studies of reproductive and Developmental toxicity of melamine on pregnant mothers, developing foetuses and neonates have been lacking. Although high level of adulteration has ceased, melamine is still a popular material for pesticides, farm animal feed fillers, fire retardants, anti-wrinkles and mild abrasives, etc. Low-dose contamination of melamine to the environment cannot be ignored. Animal models demonstrated the low-dose melamine transfer from mothers to foetuses and/or neonates, toxicokinetics in the pregnant, foetal and neonatal rats and reproductive and developmental toxicology at different stages of development. Detailed studies on the long-term effects on the immatures are still very limited. Although there have been no clinical reports of this kind of data, animal experiments have proven the transfer of melamine from the mothers to their offspring, with evidence in birds and mammals in particular. Presence of melamine in eggs, muscles and various organs of the offspring has been reported. Loss of embryos, delay of foetal development, morphological changes in the kidneys and bone forming centres have also been revealed. On the other hand, it is also worth-considering the change of the maternal physiology during pregnancy that ingestion of melamine in daily diet or the contaminated maternal formulae can post risks that are different from those to the non-pregnant individuals. As it is well known that kidneys can compromise during pregnancy, an extra stress exerted by melamine may further complicate the condition. With these evidences, we can postulate that acute kidney injury may not be the whole story of melamine effects on the infants.
All Author(s) ListChu CY, Wang CC
All Editor(s) ListAshley Harris
Book titleAn introduction to melamine
Series TitleChemistry Research and Applications
PublisherNova Science Publishers
Pages39 - 75
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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