A Nurse-led Parental Eczema Education Programme On Chinese Parents Of Children With Eczema: A Randomised Controlled Trial
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Eczema is the most common childhood skin disease. Inadequate health literacy and implementation of eczema education programme were associated with uncontrolled eczema flare-ups. This study is aimed at examining the effects of a new parental education programme.
A two-arm parallel-group randomised controlled trial was conducted. A convenience sample of children with eczema and their parents were recruited from a regional hospital in Hong Kong. The parent-child dyads in the intervention group received face-to-face and video-based health education delivered by a registered nurse and joined an online group sharing forum for three months, in addition to receiving usual care. Outcomes included severity of eczema, parental self-efficacy, treatment adherence, and quality of life of parents. Generalised estimating equations (GEE) model was employed for outcome analysis.
A total of 136 parent-child dyads (parents mean age 37.6 years, SD=4.8; children mean age 69.7 months, SD=42.2) were recruited. The GEE results showed that there were significant improvements in children’s severity of eczema [regression coefficient of the interaction-term, B=-16.98, 95% CI:-21.04 to -12.92, p<0.001], parental self-efficacy [B=29.39, 95% CI:22.64 to 36.14, p<0.001], treatment adherence [B=-4.93, 95% CI:-6.51 to -3.35, p<0.001], and quality of life of parents [B=-3.55, 95% CI:-4.56 to -2.54, p<0.001] at three months after receiving the programme compared with the control group. Over 90% of the parents were satisfied with the programme.
The study supports that a nurse-led parental education programme that provided evidence-based information and encouraged peer support could improve health outcomes in children with eczema and their parents.
著者N. S. Cheng, J. P. C. Chau, K. L. E. Hon, C. M. Chow, K. C. Choi, S. H. S. Lo, T. F. Leung
期刊名稱Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
期次2 (Supplement)
出版社Elsevier Inc.
頁次AB347 - AB347

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