Regulating green bond in China: definition divergence and implications for policy making
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摘要China has become a significant player in the green bond market globally after the issuance of the first green bond in China in 2015. Given the nascency of the green bond market in China, there are still two main questions that remain under-researched in the relevant scholarship. The first question relates to whether the multiple definitions of green bonds and its eligible use of proceeds under the Chinese regulations are consistent with the international standards. The second question centres on the degree of divergence of the transparency requirements under the Chinese regulations themselves. Using doctrinal and comparative analysis, this article discovers that, despite the generally consistent definitions of green bond under the Chinese regulations, there are still some slight differences in terms of eligible uses of proceeds and information disclosure. Potentially these differences may affect the lender’s investment assessment and their decision-making of whether to provide financing to the issuer.
著者Hao Zhang
期刊名稱Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment
出版社Taylor & Francis: SSH Journals
關鍵詞Green bond in China, eligible use of proceeds, information disclosure, Chinese regulations

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