Cadherin‐related family member 3 gene impacts childhood asthma in Chinese children
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A missense variant (rs6967330) of the gene encoding cadherin‐related family member 3 (CDHR3) was associated with recurrent severe exacerbations in pre‐schoolers. However, there were limited data on its relationship with pre‐school lung function and school‐age asthma. This study replicated the association between polymorphic markers at the region of CDHR3 around rs6967330 and wheezing phenotypes in two independent cohorts of Chinese children.

Ten tagging SNPs located 10 kb around rs6967330 were selected by HaploView 5.0 based on 1000 Genomes database for Southern Han Chinese. Their associations with wheezing and lung function were examined in 1341 Chinese pre‐school children, while those for asthma phenotypes were examined in an independent group of 2079 school‐age children. Genotypic and haplotypic associations were analyzed by multivariate regression, and generalized multifactor dimensionality reduction was used to examine epistatic interactions for wheezing traits.

The mean (SD) age of pre‐school cohort was 4.7 (1.0) years. Rs6967330 was associated with current wheeze (odds ratio [OR] 1.63, 95% confidence interval [CI] 1.09‐2.43) and its severity (OR 1.64, 95% CI 1.10‐2.44) among pre‐school children. This SNP was also associated with school‐age asthma (OR 1.32, 95% CI 1.04‐1.69). The minor allele of rs408223 was associated with lower FEV0.5 (β = −2.411, P = .004) and FEV0.5/FVC (β = −1.292, P = .015). Lower spirometric indices were also associated with minor allele of rs140154310. GAC haplotype from rs4730125, rs6967330, and rs408223 was associated with pre‐school current wheeze and school‐age asthma. Epistatic interaction was found between unrelated CDHR3 SNPs for FEV0.5 among pre‐schoolers.

CDHR3 is a candidate gene for early‐life wheezing, school‐age asthma, and lung function in Chinese children.
著者Ting Fan Leung, Man Fung Tang, Agnes Sze Yin Leung, Alice Pik Shan Kong, Tak Chi Liu, Renee Wan Yi Chan, Ronald Ching Wan Ma, Hing Yee Sy, Juliana Chung Ngor Chan, Gary Wing Kin Wong
期刊名稱Pediatric Allergy and Immunology
出版社John Wiley and Sons Ltd.
頁次133 - 142
關鍵詞cadherin‐related family member 3, genetic biomarker, incentive spirometry, pre‐schoolers, rhinovirus C receptor, wheeze

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