Ovarian HBV replication following ovulation induction in female hepatitis B carriers undergoing IVF treatment: A prospective observational study
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摘要Hepatitis B virus (HBV) can be found in ovarian tissues. This study compared HBV DNA levels in follicular fluid collected during oocyte retrieval with paired serum samples in HBV carriers after ovarian stimulation during IVF treatment for infertility. Sixty‐four HBV carrier women referred to the Assisted Reproductive Units of two Hong Kong hospitals were recruited. At oocyte retrieval, the follicular fluid aspirated from the first follicle was collected for study. In 22 women, the first follicular fluid sample from both ovaries was similarly collected and studied. These women were also tested for liver function test and HBeAg. In 28 (43.8%) women, HBV DNA was detected in follicular fluid and the level correlated with serum levels (Spearman's correlation P < .001). There was concordant detection of HBV DNA in both ovaries, and the levels were significantly correlated (Spearman's correlation P = .029). In 40% of women with FF HBV DNA, the follicular fluid:serum ratio was >1.0, suggesting stimulation of HBV replication. These women also had significantly different liver function test results. Increased HBV replication exists in 40% of women with HBV DNA detected in follicular undergoing ovarian stimulation during IVF treatment.
著者Mak Jennifer Sze Man, Lao Terence T., Leung Maran Bo Wah, Chung Cathy Hoi Sze, Chung Jacqueline Pui Wah, Cheung Lai Ping, Li Tin Chiu
期刊名稱Journal of Viral Hepatitis
頁次110 - 117
關鍵詞hepatitis B virus infection, in vitro fertilization, ovarian follicles, ovarian stimulation, viral replication

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