Photocatalytic Bacterial Inactivation by a Rape Pollen-MoS2 Biohybrid Catalyst: Synergetic Effects and Inactivation Mechanisms
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摘要A novel and efficient 3D biohybrid photocatalyst, defective MoS2 nanosheets encapsulated carbonized rape pollen, was fabricated and applied to water disinfection. The rape pollen-MoS2 (PM) biohybrid showed excellent dispersibility, high stability, and efficient charge-carrier separation and migration ability, resulting in the highly enhanced photocatalytic inactivation performance toward various waterborne bacteria under different light sources. The inactivation mechanisms were systematically investigated. Reactive species (RSs), including electrons, holes, and reactive oxygen species (•O2− and •OH), played major roles in inactivating bacteria. The antioxidant system of bacteria exhibited a self-protection capacity by eliminating the photogenerated RSs from PM biohybrid at the early stage of inactivation. With the accumulation of RSs, the cell membrane and membrane-associated functions were destroyed, as suggested by the collapse of cell envelope and subsequent loss of cell respiration and ATP synthesis capacity. The microscopic images further confirmed the destruction of the bacterial membrane. After losing the membrane barrier, the oxidation of cytoplasmic proteins and lipids caused by invaded RSs occurred readily. Finally, the leakage of DNA and RNA announced the irreversible death of bacteria. These results indicated that the bacterial inactivation began with the membrane rupture, followed by the oxidation and leakage of intracellular substances. This work not only provided a new insight into the combination of semiconductors with earth-abundant biomaterials for fabricating high-performance photocatalysts, but also revealed the underlying mechanisms of photocatalytic bacterial inactivation in depth.
著者Kemeng Xiao, Tianqi Wang, Mingzhe Sun, Aamir Hanif, Qinfen Gu, Bingbing Tian, Zhifeng Jiang, Bo Wang, Hongli Sun, Jin Shang, Po Keung Wong
期刊名稱Environmental Science and Technology
出版社American Chemical Society
出版地Washington DC
頁次537 - 549
關鍵詞Photocatalytic disifnection, Bacteria, Rape-Pollen-MoS2 biohybrid, Mechanism

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