Anti racist social work: The Hong Kong context
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摘要With the change of sovereignty from the Britain to China in 1997, race relations in Hong Kong has changed significantly. Afraid that their right of abode granted by the British colonial government would be ceased after 1997 due to uncertain political situation, many South Asians migrated to Hong Kong right before 1997. With all these racial changes, vivid individual and institutional racial discriminations were found in Hong Kong which caused the local civil society organizations to call for anti-racial discrimination legislation and policy implementation on racial equality.

Subsequent social work practices and services on race relations and integration reflect key elements of neoliberalism, including the strong focus on employment and minimalistic government involvement. Looking through the lens of social work and service on anti-racism, this chapter give a critical analysis on how the idea and practices of anti-racist social work practices have been executed in Hong Kong under neoliberalism and what would be the future direction in regards to the changing racial dynamic in Hong Kong.
著者Hung WONG, Raees Begum BAIG
編輯Gurnam Singh, Shepard Masocha
書名Anti-Racist social work: International perspectives
出版社Red Globe Press
頁次203 - 218
關鍵詞Anti-racist, social work, Race Discrimination Ordinance, neoliberalism, Hong Kong

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