Commonwealth Approach to Computer-Generated Works
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AbstractCopyright protection in most commonwealth jurisdictions extends to computer-generated works. Although many scholars deem the right over computer-generated works as a neighboring right, it is still not clear under what circumstances a work is a computer-generated work. With the increasing application of artificial intelligence (AI), the copyright controversies associated with computer-generated works have become even more complicated. This chapter focuses on policy and legal issues surrounding the output of AI and copyright protection of computer-generated work under the commonwealth regime. The commonwealth approach to computer-generated work deviates from the mainstream international copyright practices, where human creativity is essential for authorship and copyright protection. From a policy perspective, it is important to explore whether this deviation can be justified. This chapter also investigates authorship issues concerning computer-generated works based on case law and its application, in particular who is the person making necessary arrangement and what is the necessary arrangement in the AI environment. Other relevant issues of computer-generated work, such as the exception of moral right, will be analyzed as well.
Acceptance Date07/05/2019
All Author(s) ListJyh-An Lee
Name of ConferenceArtificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property Conference
Start Date of Conference28/11/2019
End Date of Conference29/11/2019
Place of ConferenceSingapore Management University
Country/Region of ConferenceSingapore
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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