Belonging and connectedness: identity, religiosity and aspiration of immigrant Muslim youth in Hong Kong
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摘要Investigations into the role of religiosity among Muslim youth have been undertaken mainly by international scholars in the West. To fill the knowledge gap, we use original qualitative data to examine empirically an under-research area of belonging and identity of the new generation of Muslim youth in Hong Kong. The narratives review lives of these double-minority youth are in transition with complex interrelationships of heritage and religious values mediated through familial and educational experiences. Their religious commitment and cross-cultural educational socialization has helped them to cultivate a new sense of belonging in the society. While local-born Muslims exhibit a strong self-identification with a Hong Kong identity, recent immigrant Muslims paint a rather mixed picture. Religiosity turns out to be a stabilizing factor for belonging and connectedness and strengthens willingness to take up a Hong Kong identity. The geographical context helps these youth realize that taking up a local identity works for their advantage. Competency in written Chinese and spoken Cantonese is also key in defining their local identity and future success in what is a pragmatic society. Strategies to assist these youth to realize their dreams in the society are also discussed.
著者Celeste Y. M. Yuen, Cheung-Shing Sam Leung
期刊名稱Asia Pacific Journal of Education
頁次423 - 435
關鍵詞Belonging, identity, religiosity, educational experiences, Muslim youth

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