Early Result of Computerized Navigated Screw Fixation in Treatment of Fragility Pelvic Fracture in Elderly
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摘要Introduction: Minimal invasive fixation of stable fragility pelvic fracture is becoming feasible with advancement of
computerized navigation. However, the clinical outcomes compared with conservative care were seldom mentioned.

Methodology: This is a retrospective study comparing the clinical outcomes of fragility pelvic fracture treated conservatively or operatively using computerized navigation. Outcome parameters included pain score, analgesics requirement, length of hospital stay and complication(s).

Results and Analysis: Navigated screw fixation was performed in 12 patients from September 2017 to March 2018. A retrospective cohort of 42 patients who were treated conservatively was recruited. It showed a statistically significant reduction in analgesics consumption in the operative group at 1 week’s (53.64 % vs 3.76%, p =0.049) and 4 weeks’ time (75.30% vs 33.63%, p =0.011). The mean VAS score also showed significant improvement in 1 week’s time (4.92 vs 6.55, p value = 0.004), 4 weeks’ time (2.67 vs 5.12, p value = 0.000) and 3 months’ time (1.17 vs 2.79, p value = 0.000) in the operative group. They were also beneficial from earlier return to pre-morbid walking status (24.17 days vs 53.03 days, p value =0.002). However, there is no significant difference in the mean length of hospital stay. No surgical complication was noted.

Discussion and Conclusion: We are amongst the first to do the comparison on the clinical outcomes. Computerized navigation in treatment of pelvic fragility fracture can achieve better pain control, reduction in analgesics consumption and earlier return to pre-morbid walking status.
著者YH Sin, YC Siu, KK Ling, CM Ma
會議名稱The Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association 39th Annual Congress
會議地點Hong Kong
會議論文集題名The Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association 39th Annual Congress Programme & Abstract
出版地Hong Kong
關鍵詞Fragility Pelvic Fracture

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