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摘要Introduction: Lateral soft tissue release is commonly performed in hallux valgus surgery; it aims to realign and reduce the 1st metatarsal-phalangeal joint and sesamoid complex by releasing the contracted lateral soft tissue. The traditional incision in the dorsal 1st web space is still used; but MIS techniques are increasingly common. Variations the intra-articular inside-out technique which can be performed percutaneously and endoscopic assisted release. The traditional surgical incision is made at the dorsal 1st web space, but there has been a trend towards more minimally invasive approaches. One is the intra-articular approach which can be performed arthroscopically or percutaneously (or from the medial incision) and aims to release the lateral structures from an inside-out sequence. Endoscopy can also be performed in the 1st web space where the deep peroneal branch may be fully visualized and protected. This study aims to compare the endoscopic lateral soft tissue release and the arthroscopic soft tissue release. The hypothesis is that the arthroscopic soft tissue release provides the same good outcomes as the endoscopic release but is technically easier and can be performed faster.
Methodology: This is a prospective cohort of 10 consecutive cases of hallux valgus undergoing Endoscopic lateral soft
tissue release (5 cases) or Arthroscopic lateral soft tissue release (5 cases). All cases in both groups subsequently underwent bunionectomy, medial capsule plication and closure of the IMA using a cerclage suture and a basal positional screw.
Results and Analysis: Both the endoscopic and arthroscopic groups had statistically significant improvements in clinical and radiological parameters. The endoscopic release group had a statistically significant longer operative time compared to the arthroscopic soft tissue release group.
Discussion and Conclusion: Although the endoscopic release has been reported to provide good long-term results, it is technically difficult with a steep learning curve. The arthroscopic lateral soft tissue release is an easier alternative and provides outcomes that are on par with the endoscopic lateral soft tissue release, and it has the benefit of a shorter operative time due to its simpler technical demand. Thus, we conclude that the arthroscopic lateral soft tissue release is a good surgical option because it strikes a balance between the blinded percutaneous release and the technically difficult endoscopic release.
著者SKK Ling, TH Lui, CM Ma, YC Siu, A Slocum, YC Lau, YH Sin
會議名稱The Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association 38th Annual Congress
會議地點Hong Kong
會議論文集題名The Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association 38th Annual Congress Programme & Abstract
出版地Hong Kong
關鍵詞Hallux Valgus Deformities

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