A Composite model to predict curve severity of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS)– a 6 Years Longitudinal Study Beyond Skeletal Maturity
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摘要Owing to unclear aetiology and pathogenesis, bracing and instrumental surgical correction are the only available evidence-based treatment regimes targeting the structural deformity rather than the cause. Currently, younger chronological/skeletal age of patient at presentation, greater initial spine curvature, later onset of menarche are clinical features associated with higher chance of curve progression, but application of these factors did not have a clear reference in clinical strategy. Therefore, a search for a reliable predicting model for curve progression to severe spinal deformity that would require timely treatment has been the outstanding clinical challenge in the management of AIS. It is speculated that abnormality of AIS bone metabolism possibly results in vulnerable spine to be easily deformed. Our recent study firstly revealed a causative relationship between aberrant microRNA-145-5p (miR-145) expression and abnormal osteocyte structure and function associated with low bone mass and qualities in AIS. Collectively, serological markers, such as bone turnover markers and plasma miR-145, might be an alternative indicator reflecting the abnormal bone metabolism in AIS. Considering the clinical heterogeneity and the involvement of multifaceted pathomechanisms of AIS, it is more logical to develop composite models with clinically applicable and interpretable quantitative factors for predicting the probability of disease progression. Here we identified key clinical and serological parameters which are closely related to curve severity of AIS, and established a composite model able to predict curve progression to severe deformity. Together, our study demonstrates a new composite model that could potentially predict curve progression in patients diagnosed with AIS.
著者JJ Zhang, KY Cheuk, YJ Wang, TP Lam, BKW Ng, Y Qiu, JCY Cheng, WYW Lee
會議名稱The 14th Annual Congress of Chinese Orthopaedic Association

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