Using Ultrasound for Screening Scoliosis to Reduce Unnecessary Radiographic Radiation - A Prospective Diagnostic Accuracy Study on 442 Schoolchildren from the Scoliosis Screening Program in Hong Kong
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摘要Scoliosis screening is important to facilitate timely brace treatment for immature subjects to mitigate curve progression. In the scoliosis screening program of the Student Health Service, Department of Health in Hong Kong, schoolchildren who are screened positive with Adam’s Forward Bending Test and Moiré Topography are referred for confirmatory radiographic assessment. Nevertheless, it has been reported that approximately 50% of the screened schoolchildren prescribed with x-ray examination based on the screening protocol did not have Cobb angles greater than the referral threshold of 20°, implying that they did not require specialist referral and thus were subjected to unnecessary radiation exposure (Luk et al., 2010). Being a radiation-free imaging modality that enables visualization of anatomical structures of the spine, the application of ultrasound for measurement of coronal spinal curvatures has been reported with promising reliability and validity (Zheng et al., 2016b, Brink et al., 2018, Zheng et al., 2018b, Wang et al., 2016, Takacs et al., 2018). Despite that ultrasound has been proposed for mass screening of scoliosis among teenagers (Cheung et al., 2015b, Mauritzson et al., 1991, Letts et al., 1988, Zheng et al., 2016b), diagnostic studies evaluating the role of ultrasound for scoliosis screening in terms of sensitivity and specificity of determining the referral status of schoolchildren however remain lacking in the literature. This study aimed to evaluate (1) the sensitivity and specificity of ultrasound in identifying schoolchildren who require “specialist referral” (i.e. with radiological Cobb angles ≥ 20°); and (2) whether incorporation of angle of trunk rotation (ATR) measured with a Scoliometer can improve the accuracy of ultrasound assessment for subjects referred for radiological investigation from a scoliosis screening program so as to reduce unnecessary x-ray exposure.
著者Tsz-ping LAM, Yi-shun WONG, Benjamin Hon-kei YIP, Alec Lik-hang HUNG, Winnie Chiu-wing CHU, Yong-ping ZHENG, Kelly Lai, Wayne Lee, Yong QIU, Jack Chun-yiu CHENG
會議名稱The 14th Annual Congress of Chinese Orthopaedic Association

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