Endometrium imaging using real-time rotational optical coherence tomography imaging system A pilot, prospective and ex-vivo study
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摘要This study aimed to evaluate a novel real-time rotational optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging system (OCTIS) with a fiber-optic probe to look at endometrium and to correlate the OCTIS images with standard histology. OCT could obtain real-time images resembling histological examination. With recent development of customized probes, it allows OCT to be used in the field of gynecology.

This is a pilot, prospective, ex-vivo and observational study. Women underwent hysterectomy for various gynecological conditions were recruited and OCTIS images were obtained from endometrium of 15 fresh uterus specimens immediately after hysterectomy. The excised uterus was cut open and OCTIS imaging was obtained. The scanned region of endometrium was excised for histological examination and OCTIS images were precisely compared to corresponding histological images and ultrasound images. Blinded qualitative analysis on OCTIS images was performed by 2 assessors to determine inter-rating reliability on the histopathological diagnosis.

Epithelium, glands, cysts, and stroma of endometrium were clearly seen by the OCTIS. Different phases of menstrual cycle of normal endometrium could be differentiated and pathological condition such as hyperplastic and dysplasic endometrium, which corresponded well with histological findings, could be identified. The inter-rater reliability between assessors on overall OCTIS endometrium and neoplastic OCTIS endometrium was moderate (Kendall tau b of 0.58) and substantial (Kendall tau b of 0.76), respectively.

OCTIS can provide real-time, high-resolution and rotational imaging modality to view endometrial structure with high consistency with histological examination and satisfactory agreement between observers. It has a great potential to be developed in the clinical use of endometrial assessment for gynecological applications.
著者Law TSM, Wu F, Xu H, Wang CC, Li TC
出版社Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins: Various Creative Commons / Wolters Kluwer
關鍵詞endometrium, gynecology, optical coherence, tomography, uterus

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