A double-blinded, randomized placebo-controlled trial on the effect of traditional Chinese medicine formula Wuzi Yanzong pill on improving semen qualities in men with suboptimal parameters
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In Hong Kong, one of six couples is affected by subfertility problems. Male infertility contributes to half of the infertility cases. In male infertility, there is no effective treatment for patients with idiopathic infertility/poor semen parameters. Recent meta-analysis results suggest that a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) formula - Wuzi Yanzong pill - showed a curative effect on male fertility. However, the heterogeneity of the studies could not draw a definitive conclusion on the therapeutic effect of this formula. The aim of this study is to conduct a well-designed randomized controlled trial to investigate the effect of TCM formula Wuzi Yanzong pill on improving semen qualities in men with suboptimal parameters.
This study is a double-blinded, randomized placebo-controlled trial conducted in a public hospital in Hong Kong. Participants will be randomized, using computer-generated random numbers, with a 1:1 ratio to either the Wuzi Yanzong pill formula group or the placebo group. Both groups will be administered the drugs for 12 weeks. Participants will have a total of four visits for their semen and blood assessments for a 6-month period, and we will follow up for another 6 months to record their conception outcome. The primary outcome is to compare the total motile sperm count, natural conception rate, and pregnancy outcome to those under placebo treatment. Secondary objectives are sperm functions and assisted reproductive technology outcome.
To date, there are no studies using the disclosed Wuzi Yanzong formula or double-blinded, randomized trials. The Wuzi Yanzong TCM formula may provide a good clinical solution for subfertile males for which contemporary western medicine has no cure. Therefore, a well-designed randomized trial for evaluating the effect of Wuzi Yanzong TCM formula is urgently needed.
著者Zhao M, Chan CPS, Cheung CWC, Alqawasmeh O, Wang RCC, Wu JCY, Lin ZX, Li TC, Chung JPW, Mak JSM, Law TSM, Chan DYL
出版社BMC (part of Springer Nature)
關鍵詞Wuzi Yanzong pill, Semen quality, Subfertility, Traditional Chinese medicine, Randomized controlled trial

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