Global Prevalence of Colorectal Neoplasia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
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摘要Background & Aims:
Most colorectal cancers (CRC) arise from colorectal adenomas, yet there is not enough information on global prevalence to inform health care policy. We examined the prevalence of any type of adenomas, advanced adenomas (AADs), and CRC according to age, sex, ethnicity, geographic regions, and anatomic location (proximal vs distal).

MEDLINE and Embase were searched from their inception through May 1, 2018, to identify population-based, observational studies that reported the prevalence of colorectal neoplasia. Studies on participants 15 years or older, with a sample size of 500 persons or more, were included. Metaprop (College Station, TX) was used to model within-study variability by binomial distribution and Freeman–Tukey Double Arcsine Transformation to stabilize the variances. The prevalence figures were presented by proportions and their 95% CIs using random-effects models.

Our meta-analysis included 70 studies involving 637,414 individuals. The overall prevalence rates of adenoma (23.9%; 95% CI, 22.2%–25.8%), AAD (4.6%; 95% CI, 3.8%–5.5%), and CRC (0.4%, 95% CI, 0.3%–0.5%) were calculated. Subgroup analysis indicated that prevalence values (adenomas, AADs, and CRCs) were higher among men (29.7%, 6.5%, and 0.8%, respectively) than women (19.3%, 3.8% and 0.4%, respectively), among older adults (25.9%, 5.2%, and 0.6%, respectively) than younger adults (14.6%, 1.6%, and 0.1%, respectively), among Caucasians (23.7%, 6.6%, and 0.5%, respectively) than other ethnicities, in European countries (25.9%, 8.4%, and 0.8%, respectively) than other countries, and among patients with proximal (25.9%, 5.3%, and 0.1%, respectively) vs distal neoplasia.

In a systematic review and meta-analysis, we found a high prevalence of colorectal neoplasia among some populations. This indicates a need to expand CRC screening programs for these groups. The pooled prevalence estimates can be used as quality indicators for established CRC screening programs.
著者Wong MCS, Huang JJ, Huang JLW, Pang TWY, Choi P, Wang JX, Chiang JI, Jiang JY
期刊名稱Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology
頁次553 - 561.e10
關鍵詞Epidemiology; Colonoscopy; Prevention; Worldwide.

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