Prevalence and risk factors of colorectal cancer in Asia
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摘要Globally, colorectal cancer (CRC) is a substantial public health burden, and it is increasingly affecting populations in Asian countries. The overall prevalence of CRC is reported to be low in Asia when compared with that in Western nations, yet it had the highest number of prevalent cases. This review described the prevalence of CRC in Asia according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer from World Health Organization (WHO) database and summarized its major risk factors. Non-modifiable factors include genetic factors, ethnicity, age, gender, family history and body height; smoking, alcohol drinking, weight, Westernized diet, physical inactivity, chronic diseases and microbiota were involved in environmental factors. These risk factors were separately discussed in this review according to published literature from Asian countries. CRC screening has been playing an important role in reducing its disease burden. Some recommendations on its screening practices have been formulated in guidelines for Asia Pacific countries.
著者Wong MCS, Ding HY, Wang JX, Chan PSF, Huang JJ
期刊名稱Intestinal Research
出版社Korean Association for the Study of Intestinal Diseases
頁次317 - 329
關鍵詞Colorectal neoplasms, Epidemiology, Risk, Asia

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