The anti-inflammatory activity of regulatory cytokine IL-37 in atopic dermatitis
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摘要Objective: The anti-inflammatory activity of IL-1 family regulatory cytokine IL-37 in atopic dermatitis (AD) was investigated.
Methods: Human eosinophils (EOS) and dermal fibroblast (HDF) co-culture was used to investigate inflammatory cytokine/chemokine secretion, while the autophagy signaling proteins were analysed by Western blot. CRISPR/Cas9 human IL37 knock-in mice were bred for MC903-induced AD model in vivo.
Results: IL-37 significantly inhibited IL-6 and CXCL8 production in co-culture and autophagy related protein expression (p< 0.05). No autophagy process was detected in either EOS or HDF alone culture, thereby suggesting interaction between EOS and HDF is essential for the autophagy mechanism in the resolution of allergic inflammation. Ear swelling was reduced 10.79 and 15.32% in IL-37 knock-in mice on Day 15 and 17 comparing with wild type mice, respectively. The EOS number in ear of IL-37 knock-in group was much lower than that of control group. Importantly, IL-37 significantly ameliorated the itching state, which is an intolerable AD clinical feature, with the change in gut metabolites. Adoptive transfer of T cells from IL-37 knock-in mice can reduce the AD-related inflammation in recipient mice. AD-related cytokines and chemokines expression in serum and ear tissue was much lower, while Treg cells in spleen was much higher in IL-37 knock-in group comparing with control group, thereby suggesting IL-37 can reduce allergic inflammation by increasing immunosuppressive Treg cells in vivo.
Conclusion: IL-37 could significantly ameliorate MC903-induced AD symptom by inhibiting eosinophils infiltration and allergic inflammation. It suggests that IL-37 can be a promising anti-inflammatory cytokine for AD treatment.
著者Wong CK, Hou TH, Hon KL, Zhu J, Lam CWK
會議名稱17th International Congress of Immunology
會議論文集題名European Journal of Immunology
期次Suppl 3
頁次730 - 730

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