Global Pediatric Norovirus Surveillance Network (NoroSurv)
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AbstractIntroduction. Norovirus is associated with approximately one-fifth of all diarrhea cases worldwide and estimated to cause 685 million episodes and 212,000 deaths annually across the entire age range. However, limited data are available on the prevalence and genotype distribution of norovirus in children 5 years old and younger in which age-group norovirus burden is highest and where unusual and rare strains often first emerge.

Aims. Develop a global pediatric norovirus strain surveillance network (NoroSurv) to monitor global trends in norovirus genotypes infecting children < 5 years of age.

Methods. Standardized typing protocols for dual typing of norovirus and upload of data to a web-based password-protected secure portal

Results. A total of 563 norovirus sequences (42 (7.5%) GI and 521 (92.5%) GII) from stool samples collected between January 2017 and May 2019 from 8 sites on 3 continents were uploaded to NoroSurv. Overall, 81.1% of infections were associated with 3 genotypes including GII.4 (48%), GII.3 (18.1%) and GII.2 (15.0%) viruses but distributions varied significantly among sites and different seasons. GII.4 viruses included 62% strains that harboured the new GII.P16 polymerase gene, and 38% with the older GII.Pe and GII.P4 New Orleans variants, while 3 different GII.3 recombinant circulated globally (P12, P16 and P21). A relatively new P16 recombinant strain (GII12-GII.P16) was detected in the 2018-2019 season.

Discussion. We established a global network of laboratories for pediatric norovirus strain surveillance and assessed trends in genotype distribution over time and different continents. Data from this network will help support recommendations against which genotypes future norovirus vaccines will have to protect, and if these strains are different from those causing outbreaks in adults. Next steps consist of expanding the number of sites that participate in NoroSurv including the global rotavirus reference laboratories.
All Author(s) ListVinje J, Selvarangan R, Pietsch C, Bonifacio J, Pang X, Rahman M, Giri S, Sakon N, Chan M
Name of ConferenceThe 7th International Calicivirus Conference
Start Date of Conference13/10/2019
End Date of Conference17/10/2019
Place of ConferenceSydney
Country/Region of ConferenceAustralia
Proceedings TitleScientific Program of the 7th International Calicivirus Conference
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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