Factors associated with participation of Colorectal Cancer (CRC) screening: a qualitative study [Poster presentation]
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Colorectal Cancer (CRC) is one of the most common cancers worldwide. Regular screening is recommended to reduce mortality rate, yet little is known about the factors associated with screening uptake. The aim of this study is to explore the perceived enabling factors and barriers of participation in a government subsidised CRC screening programme.

A qualitative study was performed based on 16 focus group interviews among 237 individuals aged 61-70, consisting of 112 participants and 125 non-participants of the government subsidised CRC screening programme. Thematic analysis was applied to the transcribed verbatim for coding. Data were analysed with respect to the perception of participants towards CRC screening.

The major enabling factors of participating in the CRC screening programme included subsidies, adequate promotional activities, clear instructions of procedures for programme enrolment, and simple collection procedures of faecal specimens. Most common barriers consisted of insufficient information on programme registration, misperception of CRC as a disease not requiring screening, complicated use of IT system, misunderstanding of programme details and apprehension towards screening. It was recommended to include detailed information in promotional materials to minimise misperceptions. Besides, more promotions could be performed in the elderly centres, general out-patient clinics and the district councils, which could raise the awareness of CRC and educate the general public.

The findings of this study elucidated the enablers and barriers of participation in CRC screening programme. The identified barriers where the screening programme could be further improved can inform future strategies in enhancing screening uptake.
著者Leung C, Wang JX, Choi P, Leung S, Ng S, Hui Z, Huang JJ, Huang JLW, Wong MCS
會議名稱12th APRU Global Health Conference "Planetary Health – The Next Frontier"
會議地點Kuala Lumpur
頁次126 - 126

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