The health impact of climate change in cities of middle income countries: A review of current knowledge and research gaps in China [Oral Presentation]
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Climate change poses enormous threats to human health. This review examines available research findings of four major climate change and health consequences, namely extreme temperature, altered rainfall pattern, rise of sea level, and extreme weather events in China, a middle-income population with a wide range of climate-related geographical contexts.

A bilingual literature review was used to identify peer-reviewed articles published between 2000 to 2018 in PubMed, Google Scholar and China Academic Journals Full-text Database.

Results & Discussion:
A total of 194 papers were included in the final analysis. Research on the relationship between climate change and health that focused on the impact of temperature on mortality or non-communicable disease outcomes were identified. Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases were found to have the strongest temperature- mortality and morbidity risks. Rainfall related studies predominantly focus on impact of infectious and vector-borne diseases but lacked consistent associations. Relationships between temperature and communicable diseases as well as rainfall and non-communicable diseases were largely unknown. No study on associated health outcomes of sea-level rise was identified. Most studies examined single weather variables but long-term variation and trends on health remain uncertain. Climate change impact on injury patterns, mental health outcomes, and allergies are currently under-researched. Evidence is urgently needed to understand health impact on vulnerable populations living in growing urbanised cities and urban enclaves. Clinical management plans and health impact mitigation strategies (e.g. co- benefits, health promotion, acclimatisation, adaptation, public warning) for at-risk populations in both medical service planning and enhancement of self-care are urgently needed.
著者Ho JYE, Chan EYY, Hung HHY, Liu SD
會議名稱12th APRU Global Health Conference: Planetary Health – The Next Frontier
會議地點Kuala Lumpur
頁次81 - 81

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