Supplement Students’ Diverse Needs through an integrated Micro Modules Courseware Platform
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摘要Over the last 4 years, our team has developed close to 200 micro-modules to facilitate the classroom flipping pedagogy for the general education foundation course, In Dialogue with Nature. These micro-modules are structured as a supplementary courseware website on the KEEP platform two years ago. So far, this platform has served over 1000 students and has increasingly more users since its full launch this year.

To supplement and extend the course content, micro-modules in our platform cover wide-ranging topics as well as various formats including short lectures recorded in studios, edited seminars and talks given by field experts, and students sharing in discussion and presentation format. This diversity of micro-modules aims to serve different students for their different needs. Meanwhile, we integrated micro-modules developed under different projects for the same course in our platform. On top of that, featured videos are designed to help students to quickly have an overview of each part of the course. With them, student will be aware of what to look for before they go on to further explore the platform on their own.

Throughout the years, the micro modules have gained its popularity among students and teachers of In Dialogue with Nature and have effectively increased the quality of the discussions in the tutorials. In this presentation, we would like to share our experience and some of our tips for developing and managing such a large-scale micro-modules project.
著者KIANG Kai Ming, WU Jun Vivian
會議名稱2018 Institute on General Education cum Teacher and Student Conference
會議地點Hong Kong

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