Does General Education in Science Have Gender Differences?
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AbstractPrevious literature suggested that gender differences in learning habit, thinking pattern and the preferred study mode are influential to the gender difference in student’s performance in science subjects. In general, males prefer competitive mode of study which is more harmonic to the traditional science lessons and curriculums, while females prefer cooperative mode which is less harmonic.
With the case of “In Dialogue with Nature”, a general education course on science, this research investigates the gender difference in educational behavior and performance in studying this course. Both objective and subjective students’ performance were collected from their course grades, surveys and focus group interviews. Our analysis adopted the input-environment-output (IEO) model in which changes of students before and after studying the course were measured. It is found that, although males were found outperforming females on their self-efficacy and appreciation of science throughout the course, which matched the common belief, females experienced the larger improvement in these aspects of the course. More importantly, females performed better in their course grades, suggesting that this discussion and reflection-based course might indeed favoring females, unlike traditional science courses. This result seems to also confirm a reported phenomenon in the literature that males tend to be overconfident while females tend to be underconfident in their science-related knowledge and capability. This is also confirmed from the focus group interviews that females tends to be less active and less dominate in tutorial discussions on science topics in a mixed gender setting.
It is hoped that more in-depth investigation in this study in the future can suggest hints on curriculum and lesson design to cater gender differences on science education courses in general. In this presentation, we shall share our findings and hope to provide further insights on the issue.
All Author(s) ListKiang Kai Ming, Yu Nga Hin Elly, Cheng Wai Pang Damian
Name of Conference2018 Institute on General Education cum Teacher and Student Conference
Start Date of Conference03/12/2018
End Date of Conference05/12/2018
Place of ConferenceHong Kong
Country/Region of ConferenceHong Kong
LanguagesEnglish-United States

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