Enhancement of a Commercial Computer Game for Game-Based Learning in Higher Education
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摘要We have enhanced a commercial computer game for game-based learning in our teaching of the two general education foundation courses as an outside class activity. We choose to adopt and enhance the acclaimed and award-winning strategy game, Civilization, for this project. By enhancing a commercial game instead of developing an educational game from scratch, “quality is maximized by leaving the design of game play up to game designers and the design of learning up to teachers”. We added historical elements to the game so that students can experience the development of civilization and at the same time enjoy the playing.

Based on our experience, playing the game can stimulate our students to think and integrate the various great ideas of humanities and sciences that they have learned in the two GEF courses. As there is insufficient class-time to introduce in-depth historical and social background of the classic texts, as an optional assessment, this game can allow students to learn more in their own outside class time. It also can increased students’ interest in the topics and resulted in reading more, not less, of the course materials. Moreover, in general, the game helps students to gain the 21st century skills, such as problem-solving skills, initiative in learning and technology literacy. We will share the experience of implementation and some preliminary evaluation results in this presentation.
著者Kiang Kai Ming, Wong Baldwin Bon Wah
會議名稱Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2018
會議地點Hong Kong

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