Role of TRPC7 in regulating the functions of embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes
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AbstractMany ion channels serve to maintain the electrophysiological function and calcium homeostasis of cardiomyocytes. Although classical sodium, potassium and calcium channels are intensively studied, many other channels may also contribute to the delicate electrophysiological regulation of cardiomyocytes. Canonical transient receptor potential (TRPC) channels are non-selective cation channel that are activated by G-protein coupled receptors. TRPC channels are widely expressed in different tissues and play important roles in the maintaining cellular homeostasis. The aim of this project is to study the function of TRPC7, the most elusive member in the TRPC family, in cardiomyocytes. Western blotting showed that TRPC7 is expressed in mouse heart. Immunocytochemistry experiments showed that the channel locates at plasma membrane at early differentiation stage of mouse embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes (mESC-CMs), but translocates from membrane to a location closer to the sarcomere during the maturation of mESC-CMs. Translocation of TRPC7 occurs during the whole process of maturation; most channels are located near the M-line in less mature mESC-CMs while they are located near the Z-line in more mature mESC-CMs. Knockdown of TRPC7 led to a decrease in calcium transients in mESC-CMs. In addition, knockdown of TRPC7 caused the disassembly of sarcomere in neonatal ventricular myocytes. Our result suggests that TRPC7 may serve multiple roles in differentiating cardiomyocytes. Further study is needed to elucidate the mechanisms of how TRPC7 regulates the functions of differentiating cardiomyocytes.
All Author(s) ListXianji Liu, Xiaoqiang Yao, Suk Ying Tsang
Name of ConferenceInternational Society for Stem Cell Research Annual Meeting 2019
Start Date of Conference26/06/2019
End Date of Conference29/06/2019
Place of ConferenceLos Angeles
Country/Region of ConferenceUnited States of America
Proceedings TitleISSCR 2019 Annual Meeting
LanguagesEnglish-United States

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