Criterion Referencing in GEFP: Practice, Review, and Vision
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摘要Norm referencing measures a student’s performance in an assessed work by comparing it with the performance of other students. By contrast, criterion referencing evaluates a student’s performance against a predetermined set of goals and standards, which are the sole considerations in grading, and can be made known to students well in advance to enhance learning. The two grading systems are fundamentally different, so the transition from norm referencing to criterion referencing is bound to meet with bumps and hurdles. This paper reviews the mission, challenge and actual practice of criterion referencing in the General Education Foundation Programme (GEFP), with specific focus on its implementation in Term 1, 2018-19. A conceptual model will be introduced to align the programme’s intended learning outcomes (ILOs), and the grade descriptors and grading rubrics adopted in its two courses. Preliminary findings from interviews with a small number of teachers and students of GEFP will also be reported, which were conducted in November 2018 to understand the initial response to criterion referencing in the third month after its implementation.
著者CHEUNG Hang Cheong, CHIU Chu Lee, GAO Xin, LIAO Liang, PANG Kam Moon, WONG Bon Wah, WONG Wing Hung
會議名稱Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2018
會議地點Hong Kong
會議論文集題名Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2018
頁次151 - 166
關鍵詞Assessment, Criterion referencing, General Education

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