Hong Kong Female’s Breast Cancer Awareness Measure (Breast-CAM): Cross-sectional survey
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To examine Hong Kong women’s awareness about breast cancer, attitude, knowledge and screening practice of breast examinations.

We carried out a population-based survey using random telephone interviews to women aged 18 or above using the UK Cancer Research Breast Cancer Awareness Measure (UK CAM). The data was analysed using logistic regression adjusting for age, education level, employment status and family income. The participants were divided into groups aged below and above 60, and the survey results of the two groups were compared.

In general, 4 in 10 women did nothing to prevent breast cancer. The majority of women did not aware how age relate to breast cancer, and 63% of respondents reported that they were not confident that they would notice a change in their breasts. Among the respondents, 16.7% would have regular mammography at least every two years. One in five and one in four respondents recalled ≥3 early warning signs and ≥2 risk factors of breast cancer respectively. Respondents with better result in recalling breast cancer signs and symptoms were more likely to seek immediate medical help when noticed a change in their breasts (2-test=4.295, p=0.038), and had tried prevention practice (2-test=69.23, p<0.001). In general, women younger than 60 year-old had higher breast cancer awareness and more frequent screening practices than those older than 60.

Awareness and screening practices of breast cancer differ significantly in those younger and older than 60 year-old. Population-wide public health initiatives should address these differences.
著者May PS Yeung, Emily YY Chan, Samuel YS Wong, Benjamin HK Yip, Polly SY Cheung
會議名稱Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (HKAM) 25th Anniversary Congress – Beyond 25: New Paradigms in Healthcare
會議地點Hong Kong

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