Influence on parental perception towards children influenza vaccination
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摘要Background: Children are more susceptible to influenza because they lack prior immunity and exposure. Studies showed that influenza in childhood has remarkable socio-economic impact on children’s households as they spread the virus efficiently. Despite the benefits induced by influenza vaccination, its uptake rate, depending primarily on parents, remained low in a local context. While existing studies studied parental perception itself, not many of them investigated factors which shaped such perceptions. We therefore conducted this study to investigate the factors influencing parental perceptions.

Method: During March 2018 to May 2018, an online survey was conducted among parents of children aged 6 months to 12 years. Responses were collected via multiple social media platforms in a snowball sampling framework. The questionnaire includes socio-demographics of both parents and their children, vaccination uptake information of children in the 2017/2018 season, parental perception towards influenza vaccination.

Results: Among the 230 respondents providing complete data, most were mothers (80%), with mean age 35.4 years (SD=4.82), and were responsible for making the vaccination decision for children (87%) . The reported 2017/18 influenza vaccination uptake rate was 26% (59/230). Both physicians (OR: 2.79; 95% CI: 1.37, 6.19) and trusted individuals (OR: 1.98; 95% CI: 1.00, 3.88) were influential in encouraging parental decisions to have children vaccinated. Proximity to available vaccine (OR: 15.93; 95% CI: 6.95,43.32), family support (OR: 25.0; 95% CI: 8.8,106), recommendations from medical staff (OR: 16.2; 95% CI:4.8,101.0), and new flu cases (OR:10.1; 95% CI:3.5,42.6) could boost children vaccination uptake.

Discussion: Strong influence of trusted individuals suggested that promotion from medical staff should extend to the whole household of the children in order to increase the vaccination uptake rate. With close proximity to available vaccine being important parental consideration, our findings provided the empirical basis for launching outreach vaccination programs in local schools as an effective infection control strategy for influenza.
著者Kin On Kwok, Kin Kit Li, Ka Yee Yeung, Weizhen Ji, Arthur Tang, Vivian Wan In Wei
會議名稱Nursing 2018 - 3rd International Nursing Conference

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